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NextGen Car Denting Painting in Mumbai

At Revolution Auto Works, we do it all from scratch to shine for your car’s body with over 33 years of expertise in the field. We provide the best quality denting painting work with the help of latest technology dent puller machine, NextGen limousine sized paint booth & experienced technicians.

Car Denting Painting
Car Denting Painting Room

Why to choose Revolution Auto Works for denting painting work?

  1. Latest Technology Dent Puller Machine – We don’t believe in using the ancient hammering method to remove the dents which deteriorates the strength of the metal & also it consumes time to remove & refit the door trims, etc., so we use the latest technology dent puller machine through which we just remove the paint of the dented area by sander machine & attach the dent puller gun over that & pull out that area and rectify the dent with ease without deteriorating the metal and that too within a short stretch of time.
  2. NextGen Paint Booth – We are having a NextGen paint booth with latest technologies to completed your car painting work with best possible surface finishing. The NextGen paint booth provides your car a dust free environment along with the optimum environment temperature required to make the paint dried faster and give the car surface more shine like a brand new car.
  3. Paint Material Used – We use the best quality material to provide perfect finish to your car surface, so we use lacquer, hardener, color, etc. of Standox (German) or Axalta (American) brands which are the most reliable paint material brands and offers the best quality materials. Also the paint is prepared using specialized color matching technology and paint mixing machines to ensure the new paint matches the existing color precisely.
  4. Process we follow
  • Firstly we assess the damage thoroughly.
  • Technicians will repair the dents with our latest technology dent puller machine.
  • The repair area is ensured to be smooth and free of imperfections using NC Putty & Primer Coating.
  • 3 layers of color are coated with proper micron thickness using the color thickness gauge.
  • After 3 layers of color, lacquer of proper micron thickness is applied.
  • After painting, your car undergoes a quality control inspection to ensure for smoothness, repainted areas seamlessly blend with the rest of the car’s body.
  • After the painted area is dried & cured completely, the machine polishing is done for high gloss finish.
  • The car is thoroughly cleaned and detailed from interior as well as exterior to remove any dust or residue from the repair & painting process to present it in its best possible condition.
Our Denting, Painting & Other Body Related Services: –
  1. Metal Dents & Plastic Fiber Parts Repair – The dents on metallic parts are cured by the latest technology dent puller machine and the plastic fiber parts are repaired (if repairable) unlike other service centers where they just replace the parts.
  2. Painting – Your car will be painted in the NextGen paint booth where your car will get a dust free environment & proper temperature environment for best surface glossy finish.
  3. Machine Polishing – We use 3M polishing liquid & car wax which provides the best glossy finish to your car surface after machine polishing is done.
  4. Ceramic Coating – Ceramic coating is done to prevent water accumulating on the surface of the car which prevents hassle to wipe off the water again & again & water marks.
Experience the Revolution Auto Works difference: –When you choose Revolution Auto Works for your car’s body repair & car denting painting in Mumbai will thank you for choosing us. We completely revive your car’s body & soul with our unmatched expertise. With 33 years of experience under our belt, we are your trusted partner in all things related to your car body. Join the Revolution and experience our unparalleled service today!

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